Donate and Sponsor

I'm taking 6 months leave from working so I can walk 2,663 miles next year to raise funds for KOTO.

I am hoping you will donate to show your support for this incredible and challenging activity I am undertaking in 2022.

All donations welcome. 

100% of donations are sent straight to KOTO through the Global Giving platform. I am not receiving any contribution for my hiking adventure. I have collaborated closely with KOTO to make this possible. I'm so looking forward to seeing the positive impact this fundraising will have. 

By using Global Giving, UK tax payers can gift aid their donation which means the UK Government will gift an additional 25% on top of your donation. The site also allows payments in multiple currencies.

Thank you so much for supporting KOTO and my project. Every little helps. 

Suggested Donations


1p for every mile.

This is enough money to provide a student with English language, cooking and hospitality training materials as well as food used in practical kitchen training for one month.


3p for every mile.

By donating £80 you can fund 120 meals to feed trainees,


5p for every mile.

Fund a students medical expenses checks and vaccinations for one year as well as their professional chefs attire and a job interview outfit.


25p for every mile.

If a donation of 25p was made for every mile Emily hikes, you could fund 3 meals a day for one disadvantaged student for 1 and a half years.


Are you a business that would like to help me?

This 2,600 mile trip is going to take me 5 months to complete. Along the way I'll need to change my shoes 5 times, change my clothes repeatedly depending on the climate and restock food and other supplies.

If you're a business interested in helping to support me on my thru-hike with these requirements, please get in touch with me through

As well as reviewing your gear or food donation, I'll be happy to feature them on my social media and feature your logo and weblink on the Emily Hikes website. 

Any assistance will be incredibly appreciated.