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Planning Travels
  • What is the PCT?
    The Pacific Crest Trail is a long-distance hiking trail closely aligned with the highest portion of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, which lie 100 to 150 miles east of the U.S. Pacific coast.​ Passing through 3 states: California, Oregon and Washington.​ Completing the whole trail is called Thru-Hiking.​
  • What lead you to decide to do this?
    Lockdown due to COVID-19 has had its effect on everyone, I went to stay with my parents in a little country village in Hampshire with lots of outside space and a beautiful orchard to spend occasional nights star gazing. I decided to stay active while I was still working and spent as much time outside as possible. I soon re-connected with how much I love the outdoor life wind, rain or shine. My family has had a lot to do with this over the years. I have had the dream to walk the whole of the PCT for many years and while all the events of the global virus unfolded I thought life is so fragile, I should just commit to the decision and just get on with it!
  • How long will it take?
    The whole trail is 2,600 miles. Athletes finish the trail in 4 months, but I’m not an athlete! I plan to finish the trail in 5 months; walking 20 mile days with rest days about once a week with the occasional detour to enjoy the local area or meet friends.
  • Where do you start and finish?
    The trail starts at the Mexico border and finishes in Canada. Most people choose south to north to take advantage of optimum weather conditions – making it to Canada before winter!
  • When are you going?
    Due to the uncertainty and unprediactablilty of Covid-19 I have decided to delay my trip from April 2021 to April 2022. To read more click here
  • Why are you doing this? (You’re crazy)
    My love for travel, adventure and being active while on holidays or longer trips has led to a natural curiosity to push myself further with every trip I plan. Walking is the most natural means to do anything and I have had some incredible hiking adventures around the world seeing landscapes and meeting people you would not otherwise see if normal means of travel where followed through. Sustainable tourism which is ethical and ecological has been high on my priorities when planning travel adventures. The idea of walking the full distance of the PCT has captivated my mind as the ultimate adventure to test my ability to plan and carry out what is effectively a very challenging endurance and physiological journey. Yes it seems crazy! But I believe that working hard and following your dreams will bring happiness.
  • What charity will you support and why?
    I have chosen to support KOTO which stands for Know One Teach One. KOTO is a foundation in Vietnam that empowers at-risk and disadvantaged youth to pursue a life of dignity by providing training, life skills and opportunity through its hospitality training programs. Anyone who knows me will know I have spent some time working and living in Vietnam so this cause is close to my heart. I have also spent many years working in the hospitality industry where I have met some lifelong friends and had a lot of fun along the way.
  • What about Coronavirus?
    The situation is constantly changing, I had hoped I would be able to depart in April 2021 or later in Julty 2021. If travel to the USA was not possible I had some European routes planned. None of these seem realistic of sensible for 2021 given the current situation in the UK so I have delayed my PCT thru-hike to 2022. To read more bout my change of plane click here. I have dedicated walking 2,600 miles to raise funds for KOTO, find out more about my prorposed 2021 commitment here.
  • Does all the money go to charity? But aren’t I just paying for you to have a holiday?
    I am self funding the whole of this trip, every flight, meal and piece of equipment I need will be financed by me. That means that all of the donations raised will go to KOTO.
  • Are you doing this as part of a tour?
    No this is a reasonably well known trail, as far as I know guided tours don’t exist here and part of the draw to this journey is doing the whole thing unaided and being self sufficient. Map reading skills will be needed.
  • Are you going with other people?
    No, I'm doing this alone! Solo travel is the best way to do this type of thing in my opinion. Of course there are hundreds of other hikers on the trails that I’m sure to meet along the way. However I do have some very good friends that have agreed to join the Emily Hikes team to support me in many aspects of developing the campaign and aid me with all the gaps in my knowledge.
  • But isn’t it dangerous?
    Yes I suppose it is dangerous if you are not equipped to deal with the hazards that may be present. I have plenty of time to learn skills and educate myself on all that may or may not happen. The element of danger is part of the attraction and the reason why not everyone would be able to or want to take on thru-hiking the PCT. The ability to plan and prepare will help but nothing can truly prepare you for the unpredictable.
  • But won’t you get eaten by bears?
    Unlikely, there is more chance of being bitten by a rattlesnake. However there are mandatory bear deterrent activities that should be followed on sections of the trail, for example using a bear canister to store food and any other items that have aromas.
  • Aren’t you scared?
    Not really, I’ve always enjoyed being slightly outside my comfort zone and pushing myself. There are aspects that I’m nervous about such as handling snowy areas and trying to keep my raynaud fingers at bay.
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