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Making Soup

Meet Huy, Student of KOTO

Thank you so much for your donations so far.

The funds raised already contribute to part of the costs for this training program, my goal is £5,000 which will provide nearly the full cost of the 24 month course.

We will receive updates about one of KOTOs students, Nguyen Tien Huy during his training

January 2021

Huy, he is a student of Class 37 at KOTOs hospitality training program in Vietnam.

I am very happy to share that the donations you are making through my fundraising campaign will be used for KOTOs Trainee Sponsorship program, which contributes to the training cost of Huy.

The 24 month training program includes:

- Vocational hospitality and catering training

- Life skills

- English including General English and Hospitality English

- Computer classes

- Practical training at the KOTO restaurant in Hanoi.

July 2021

Class 37 update:

Having completed their rfist six months at KOTO, the trainees are still heavily focused on the theory components of their hospitality training whilst completing a few shifts at the Restaurant putting their theory into practice. Front of House trainees study, in-depth, beverages such as Italian and Vietnamese-style coffee making as well as alcoholic drinks. Learning also includes a unit on Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) as well as other aspects of hospitality operations such as buets, banquets, functions and room service. Kitchen trainees commence their studies in pastry making as well as selecting and preparing meat and seafood.

All trainees continue their general English and English for
hospitality studies. The trainees also attend weekly life skills
classes enabling them to build healthy relationships, computer
skills training and the practical skills required for the workplace.
Trainees participate in the Community Service Program, the
mentoring program, and participate in extracurricular activities
which may include visual and performing arts, learn to swim
classes or playing football with some of the international
schools and clubs in Hanoi.

Update on Huy:

Huy made a good impression on the staff and students right from the start, thanks to his intelligence, agility, and skillful communication. He is friendly, knows how to connect with his classmates, and confidently states his opinion in front of a crowd. This personality helped him quickly adapt to the communal living environment and achieve positive results
after just six months of training.


Huy's life skill teacher shares his feelings about him: "I am very excited to have Nguyen Tien Huy as a student. His work is always so well-done and creative. I am delighted that Nguyen Tien Huy seems to enjoy my class! He has no difficulties with the class material. I enjoy teaching Nguyen Tien Huy and seeing him learn so many new things."

February 2022

Class 37 update:

This class is now halfway through their studies, having completed twelve months of their training at KOTO. Trainees will start to spend more time at the Restaurant over the next six months putting the theory learnt over the last year into practice. Meanwhile the front of house trainees continue to further their knowledge of alcoholic beverages including visits to our partners to learn more about bartending techniques, craft beers and different types of wines. This experience helps them to enhance their
knowledge and confidence. The trainees also start to participate in KOTO catering activities to appreciate firsthand different types of functions and service.

Kitchen trainees will focus on cold and hot kitchen operations; learning the different variety of salads and appropriate dressings, sandwiches/wraps/burgers as well as preparing and cooking other fusion dishes in the hot section. They are also given two days of practical training at the Restaurant with no senior trainees to monitor them. As a result, they will be able to take the lead in the kitchen and embrace new challenges and increased responsibility.

The English language classes start to focus more on verbal communication
with activities including receiving reservation requests. The weekly life skills classes will focus on dealing with emotions, anger management, teamwork and building harmonious relationships with co-workers in the work environment.

Update on Huy:

Huy's results in English were excellent. His General English was 8.9 and Kitchen English was a solid 9.1. Huy frequently focuses on increasing his vocabulary and can apply correct sentence structure and grammar
in writing, has good pronunciation, and a quick reflex when responding in English. Huy is also very hardworking. He always puts his studies first and
has great organizational skills. When working at the restaurant, Huy always expresses his passion for cooking by observing and learning from KOTO Villa restaurant staff. He completes his tasks with enthusiasm and great enjoyment.



My name is Huy and I am 18 years old. I come from Nam Dinh, a province that is in the Red River Delta region of Northern Vietnam. My dad passed away in 2010 due to brain injuries. He was also an addict. Shortly after his passing, my mother went away and I have not had contact with her since then. I have a younger brother who is 13 years old who is fighting cancer. Currently, I am living with my paternal grandmother.

I have a passion for sports such as soccer, badminton and swimming. I also have the habit of meditating, everyday I spend 1-2 hours meditating to relax and think about many things. I also love reading books about human psychology or Buddhist idealism.

Although I had quite high scores on my university entrance exams, I still think Vocational Training is the way to go. My dream is to become a talented chef. During the time I lived independently, I often had to cook for myself, so I always learned and created many special dishes. When I cook, I feel very happy and comfortable. I hope that in the future, people will also be happy when they try dishes made by me.

There is a quote that I love and always aim for: "With enough sunshine, flowers will bloom".

Nguyen Tien Huy, Trainee Profile

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