KOTO Fundraising Updates

Fundraiser Quarterly Update

Since the initiation of this fundraising project over £1,000 has been raised from generous donations of Emily’s friends and family and there has also been a surprising and welcome level of support from strangers.


Help wanted!

Are you a brand or a company that can help with supporting Emily?

However small, all support is welcome.

2,600 miles is a long and expensive journey to self fund. 

Please email emily@emilyhikes.co.uk if you would like to help.


Meet Huy

I am very happy to share that the donations you are making through my fundraising campaign will be used for KOTOs Trainee Sponsorship program, which contributes to the training cost of Huy.


Why this Australian started a cooking school for street kids in Vietnam

Seven million people, many of whom are kids, live in poverty in Vietnam. When Jimmy Pham dreamed of helping break the cycle of poverty, he started a cooking school.

Jimmy Pham.png