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  • Emily Hayes

PCT 2022 In Training

Updated: Jun 30

With a heavy heart I have sadly made the decision to delay my trip to 2022.

I have optimistically persevered throughout uncertainty but the time has come to face the reality. We are in a UK wide lockdown for the foreseeable future and international travel is greatly restricted.

My planned departure date of April 2021 to the USA will not be possible, nor will a later date in 2021 be possible due to the logistical challenges of planning a trip of this nature.

I had hoped to plan a trip in Europe as an alternative to hike the 2,600 miles but this seems like an irresponsible choice given the unraveling and unpredictable story of covid-19 in 2021.

Of course it is upsetting that I will not be going ahead with this project soon, I have been planning this for nearly a year. My efforts are not in vain and nor are the funds raised, these go straight to KOTO Vietnam. I will update separately on how the £1,000 raised so far is being spent. I am committed to continue raising funds in 2021..... watch this space!

So 2021 won't be the same as we had hoped but lets focus on what we can do. I can work hard at educating myself and getting fitter, 2022 will be a much anticipated year.

Emily x

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