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What about Coronavirus?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The sad reality of coronavirus has put a halt to so many people’s travel plans. You may be concerned that coronavirus will do the same for me and my PCT plans. I understand that you may want some kind of reassurance before you open your wallet to donate to my chosen charity. The only reassurance I can give is that I am committed to walking 2,600 miles.

Whether it’s thru hiking the PCT, the Appalachian trail, the Continental Divide trail, the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand, the Great Trail in Canada or a combination of countless other shorter distance trails in Europe I have pledged to myself, to KOTO, and to you that I will walk 2,600 miles.

Yes, there will be barriers in place and I often question what I am doing, nonetheless I have quit my job, I’ve moved back in with my parents and I know that this is what I am doing with my life right now. I will continue saving, planning, training, promoting and passionately moving forward.

Firstly, the PCT permit applications have been delayed until January 2021. I would normally be expecting to set my alarm for stateside time at some point in October to sit in queue and put in my thru hiking permit application. The PCT association have delayed the applications due to the uncertainty that it will be safe to move freely for long distances across states and through small trail towns. Secondly, visa applications to the USA have been suspended which will make this trip impossible to even start!

Even with these barriers in place and a seemingly bleak future for my trail aspirations I will not give up and I will persevere. I will find a way to complete this adventure; there are many options and many alternative routes that can be played out next year. I am well known for my love to plan, I have my plan B, C, D, E, F... you get the idea.

In these uncertain times I would like to reassure donors that 100% of their donation will still go to KOTO I am not receiving any contribution for the expenses involved with this project. Even if I am forced to abandon my original plan to walk the PCT, I will substitute the PCT with another suitable long distance walk.

The world is changing around us and I have committed to changing mine in 2021. I hope that you will have confidence in my plans and continue to support and follow this journey, wherever I may find myself completing that last mile.

Emily x

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